How to Choose the Right Dive Computer

You should contemplate in regards to selecting a dive computer you will find several variables. Here I am going to run through those variables will influence your diving and some of these variables.

Right onto the variables that are actual.

You must determine whether you would like a games console mounted a wrist or computer mounted Dive Computer. Some Dive Computers have a wrist band but can in fact be taken from the wrist band and put into a games console so the organization can be changed by you at a later date, yet many computers do not so you have when you buy the computer to make the choice.

Therefore let us run through some pros and cons mounted Dive Computer.

This is an individual selection and could be determined by what you might be accustomed to using as a recreational diver in the event you are hiring gear you’ll most probably get used to the set up and configuration of the hire gear and so will have a tendency to make your selection according to that. Yet I strongly encourage you to consider what kind of dive you intend on doing before making your selection. What I mean by that’s are you going to stay a joy dive taking simple enjoyment dives only for leisure or would you anticipate becoming a technical diver or a dive professional? Depending on that kind of dive you anticipate doing should enable you to determine which type of Dive Computer you may select.

Are you going to need an Atmosphere Dive Computer or a Nitrox Dive Computer?
Do you want to wear your Dive Computer in your games console or in your wrist?

As a Dive Professional I prefer as I usually need my hands to be free to help pupil divers a wrist mounted computer. In the event I have a diver panic I should have the capacity to command that diver and clearly help if they want to make their way command their assent.

If you’re planning on doing deep or technical diving if you discover yourself tight crevices or which will require deco stops, swim or caverns through I believe it better to have a wrist. Again for the fact that when you are holding you deco line you’ve you Dive Computer so it only takes a peek to assess time and your depth rather than having to hold the games console and the deco line. Additionally while in places that are tight you may be unable to reach your games console where as a wrist mounted computer will be consistently.

If you do not plan on becoming a Technical Diver or a Dive Professional subsequently a games console mounted Dive Computer may be a better option. That is why it’s out of your way in your games console, and is there for you as you are doing your atmosphere to check every so often. So for recreational functions a games console mounted diver computer make lots of sense.

Additionally as you probably will not be managing decompression or panicked divers stops you won’t have as you become used to making a slow rise to track your dive computer on every rise yourself.

All these are the 2 principal variables you should contemplate. Yet as I mentioned before if you anticipate diving with Nitrox afterward you must plan for the future and take into account, you’ll need a Nitrox computer that is compatible to make sure that you stay safe in your dives.

It is also possible to get air integrated dive computers that can keep track of your atmosphere along with times and your depth thus doing away with one additional Dive Gauge in your games console. A computer would be chosen by you such as this if you would like to stream line your dive gear and you’re not uncomfortable with using computer based technology while on a dive to track your air supply.

These computers are an excellent way as most of us understand how bulky your dive gear can be of streamlining your equipment.

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