My Suunto Viper Air Review

As an avid diver, I’m constantly on the lookout for new technology that I consistently have the best tools available on the market, although to ensure not only my security. The diving experience can heighten fairly like the ultimate diving computer and my expertise with the Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer is worthy of note. I’d read several dive computer reviews in the past, as I do not have an endless budget to waste on gear, and decided that this particular unit appeared to be the correct fit – an unbelievable alternative on my part.

I was with my standard diving trio of my brother and his girlfriend when we determined to investigate a bit merely offshore. We’d the idea when we surfaced, giving everyone a chance with a wrist dive computer that is different. With our tanks in onboard, we dropped anchor, ventured out, and were submerged before we understood it.

Right From the beginning, I adored the Suunto Vyper’s slick look. The amounts were easy to see and the layout made it simple to immediately assess my depth and dive time. The water is always warm in the Gulf of Mexico, so the temperature gauge did not fluctuate much – it was not until a few months later when diving off the shore of California that I really started to understand the temperature sensitivity that this special component brought to the table.

We surfaced after a tank and I was elated at my purchase. After all, the research had paid off and I’d exactly what I was after. Hesitantly, I traded my Suunto for my brother’s girlfriend’s scuba diving watch, and we were submerged. It was like I had crossed the point of no return. I am not sure if I had been spoiled by the Suunto in just one dive or what, but ultimately, I did not need to dive without it.

My brother never got a chance to dive with a long story, as his girlfriend refused to give it up, to make it short. Trust me, when you finally have the gear to appreciate a dive properly, you wouldn’t want to go back!

I understand I will not.


In this avocation of mine, dive computers are becoming an intricate component as a diving enthusiast. After trying various brands of these amazing gadgets out, I eventually located an ideal wrist dive computer for me.

This site will be a terrific help to all you divers (diving enthusiasts and) out there who have yet to find the dive computer that’s just appropriate for you.

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