Dive Fiji


You will see sea life close up, like you’ve never seen before. If you are not a skilled scuba diver, it might be wise to take some classes before you go and get certified.

Something in certain, you be at a lose for words once you have experienced great views and the warm waters.

Are You A beginner or experienced?

Before your trip, you should get qualified. If you’re already certified then you just need go and to book your excursion.

Certification is essential for security. You’re going to take a strange area and second, you’re going to need how to use all the gear.

It’s important before your get into the water to get formal qualification. That is mainly because when you’ve done some proper training, you will understand how to proceed in the case of an urgent situation.

If you are new to scuba diving, then you probably desire to take a guide with you on your own trip. Helpful information will explain to you the best areas to dive, if you’re new to the scuba diving game and help keep you safe.

If you’re an expert and you feel as if you do not need a guide, you must be able to discover a place.

Be aware that tropical environments and new states have different hazards. Many things can happen the water better to be safe than sorry and once you’re under it. Take a guide unless you’re quite sure and understand the dangers.

Scuba diving is a lot of pleasure, what makes it is the warm friendly folks of the isles. They have a very laid back approach to time and everything runs on “Fiji Time” which is slower than normal and consistently at least 10 minutes delayed! These wonderful folks comprehend that the isles rely on this and make lots of the islands income from tourism. This is a good place to dive with many regions that are diving.